What’s Involved in a Dental Cleaning?
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What's Involved in a Dental Cleaning?

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Some people aren’t comfortable with teeth cleanings. This might be due to the prodding, the strange noises (of the dentist’s tools), and the slight jaw discomfort they experience during the cleaning process. Knowing the steps in a dental cleaning procedure helps you stay prepared and enjoy the fresh feeling of having your teeth cleaned at an Ault dental clinic.

A Physical Examination

The dental cleaning process is carried out by a dental hygienist. Before cleaning your teeth, they use a small mirror to check for signs of inflamed gums (gingivitis) or other issues. If they detect something unusual, they consult the Ault dentist right away.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

After the examination, the hygienist will use a scaler to remove the tartar and plaque between your teeth and along the gum line. Tartar is basically a hardened form of plaque. Therefore, it is important to brush and floss regularly to prevent the plaque from hardening into tartar. If you have tartar, you can only have it removed by a professional dental hygienist.


For any tartar that’s left behind, the dental hygienist will brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush. To increase comfort, the hygienist will use a paste that smells and tastes just like regular toothpaste, but you have the option to choose your toothpaste flavor.


If you floss regularly, having your teeth flossed by a professional might seem pointless. However, professional flossing is important for the removal of any leftover tartar or toothpaste. A professional dental hygienist can target the sensitive areas in your gums that tend to bleed when you floss on your own.

Rinsing and Fluoride Treatment

After flossing, the dental hygienist will rinse your teeth and apply fluoride. The last step is the fluoride treatment. It protects your teeth and keeps cavities at bay.

Final Word 

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Posted on Aug 28, 2023
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