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Teeth Cleaning & Exam

Receiving a teeth cleaning and exam here at Severance Dental every six months is a very important part of achieving and maintaining your oral health. In addition to dental cleanings and exams, you should also be brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and flossing daily. 

Teeth Cleaning

A professional dental cleaning here at Severance Dental will be performed by one of our skilled dental hygienists. Your cleaning will include: 

  • Removal of Tartar – Tartar is plaque that has been left on the teeth and allowed to harden. Tartar cannot be removed by simply brushing and flossing, it can only be removed with special dental instruments.
  • Removal of Plaque – Once the tartar has been removed, the dental hygienist will clean any remaining plaque off the teeth. Plaque is an almost-invisible film that forms on the teeth. It’s made up of bacteria, saliva, and leftover food debris.
  • Polishing – Lastly, once the teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, the teeth will be polished and your smile will be bright and shiny!  

Dental Exam 

Dr. Joshua Kelly will perform a comprehensive dental exam every six months. This exam will include the following: 

  • X-Rays – Having dental X-Rays taken is an important part of detecting bone loss, tumors, cysts, and tooth decay.
  • Oral Cancer Screening – During your exam, your oral tissues will be checked for any signs of oral cancer. These tissues include the lips, tongue, throat, gums, face, and neck.
  • Gum Evaluation – Your gum tissue and bone structures around the teeth will be examined for any signs of gum disease or periodontitis.
  • Check for Tooth Decay – The surfaces of your teeth will be checked for signs of tooth decay using special dental instruments.
  • Restoration Exam – Lastly, Dr. Kelly will check your current fillings, dental crowns, or other tooth restorations for signs of damage or wear.  

It’s important to visit Severance Dental every six months for your dental cleaning and exam. Please contact our dental office to schedule your family’s dental checkup appointments today!

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