Things You Need to Know About Your Tongue

Things You Need to Know About Your Tongue

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Your tongue makes one of the most critical parts of your oral cavity and serves several integral purposes. Yet, it’s common for most individuals to only know about a few facts related to their tongue.

That’s why we have this post for you, so you learn things you need to know about your tongue.

#1. The Human Tongue Is the Most Flexible Muscle

Your tongue may not be the strongest muscle in your body, but it’s certainly the most flexible. And that’s precisely why you can use it all day without ever tiring it out.

But let’s not forget that your tongue isn’t a single muscle. Instead, it is made up of two different muscle groups, each containing four muscles. So technically, your tongue is made up of eight muscles that get it moving.

#2. Your Tongue Measures 4 Inches on Average

An average person’s tongue measures an average of 4 inches, but some individuals may have shorter or longer tongues, with the longest one ever measured known to be 8 inches long.

#3. Your Tongue, Like Your Teeth, Can Be Home to Bacteria

Just like your teeth, your tongue is exposed to the same number of bacteria. And while your tongue may not be prone to decay, bacterial accumulation can lead to other problems like bad breath.

So, the next time you brush your teeth, don’t forget to brush your tongue and continue to do so as a vital part of your dental hygiene regime.

#4. Your Tongue’s Health is a Reflection of Your Oral and Overall Health

Your tongue’s health can provide insight into your oral and overall health. From fungal infections to oral cancer, your tongue can show signs of a range of health conditions. And it’s not easy for an individual to figure out the problem or cause of the problem, so it’s best to consult an oral health practitioner as soon as you notice any visible change in your tongue. 

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