4 Benefits of Saving Your Tooth Rather Than Pulling It
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4 Benefits of Saving Your Tooth Rather Than Pulling It

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If you’re faced with the dilemma of choosing to save your tooth or pull your tooth, it’s always best to do the former. Saving your tooth has certain benefits that outweigh those of pulling your tooth in general. Let’s explore them further to give you a clearer idea.

It’s Safer

There are strong chances of an infection when a tooth is extracted. This is because the infection can then infuse within the bloodstream, as the bacteria in the said tooth can make it possible for that to happen when one goes for an extraction.

It’s Less Painful

Contrary to popular belief, saving a tooth is less painful than pulling one. Even if you experience some mild discomfort while going through a root canal, many medications ease the pain. However, such is not the case with tooth extraction, as it hurts a lot more to have your tooth pulled out.

It Saves Money

Pulling out your tooth may sound financially reasonable initially. However, your wallet will surely take a hit when you need implants to replace the extracted tooth or dental bridges. Save yourself all that money and just get a few minor routine procedures to keep your natural tooth.

It Gives You a Beautiful Smile

Finally, saving your teeth gives you a chance to flash those pearly whites and maintain your beautiful smile in the long run. It also ensures that you’re able to stay confident about your smile. So, double up on your self-esteem by saving your teeth and keep wearing your perfect smile.


If you want more information and guidance regarding saving or pulling your teeth, just book an appointment with Severance Dental right away, and let Dr. Josh Kelly – the best dentist in Severance, Colorado, provide you with sound professional advice.

Posted on Aug 23, 2021
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